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Last Updated April 5, 2018

Why do I need your service?
Long distance collect calls from an inmate are very expensive. Unless you have a number that is local to the jail or prison, you will be charged a lot of money to receive inmate phone calls. Using our service will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What type of facility does the inmate have to be in for me to use this service?
Our service will only work if the inmate is in a Provincial or Federal Correctional Facility or Detention Centre in Ontario Canada. You can receive these calls if you live anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Do I need any special equipment to use your service?
All you need is a phone. Our service works with home phones, cellular and VoIP phones.  Once you are active, you will receive calls as usual, only cheaper!

What forms of payment do you permit?
We accept credit cards as long as your address matches the cardholder.  We accept gift cards, e-transfers and PayPal.

I have purchased one of your plans. What happens next?
Once you place your order, we will take the necessary steps to obtain a new number for your loved one to use. Depending on the facility, we could have you speaking with your loved one within minutes.

I have heard of dropped calls due to three-way calling. Will this happen to me?
The inability to perform a three-way call is governed by the service provider who owns the pay phones within the facility. Our service is still subject to this limitation. If you receive calls on your cell phone and the phone experiences poor reception or interference, the call may terminate because the insitution thinks the noise it's hearing is a three way call. We've heard of people closing screen doors or biting into a carrot causes the call to drop because the institution is listening for noises to stop 3 way calling. These are all beyond our control as it's a technology controlled by the institution itself.

What happens if my loved one is transferred to another Provincial Correctional Facility?
In the event that your loved one is transferred to another provincial facility in Ontario, we will provide you with a new number and may be subject to a change fee of $24.95 plus tax. Depending on the facility, we could have you speaking with your loved one within minutes.   It's really important that you call us the moment he's transferred because if he calls you on the same number that he was first assigned, it could be long distance and that's expensive for you.

How do I get billed?
Once a month you will be charged for the unlimited use of the line which is ALL the talk time you want for $59.95.   In addition, each 15 days you will be required to pay the collect call fees for the actual calls you have received. You can see what calls you've made and the amount by accessing 'My Inside Phone’. Tax is added to both these amounts.

How do I cancel my service?
Simply tell us when your loved one no longer requires the service and we will stop the service at that time.

Is there limit on calls per day?
No, our service is UNLIMITED - call as often as you'd like for just one fee.

How can I get 30 days FREE?
Our loyal customers whose account remains in good standing can get 30 days FREE calling, that includes the collect call fees as well as monthly service fees how?  Each dollar you spend with us accumulates a 5% credit towards your final bill.  Please call to get more information on this exciting program.

Where can I see my Loyalty Amount?
You can view your Loyalty Amount is a 5% credit for each dollar you spend with us and can be viewed by accessing your account online or by calling us.  To qualify for the loyalty amount your account must not have been suspended.

How long will it take me to get a new number for my loved one to call?
It can take as little as 6 minutes to get you connected.

Does your service work anywhere in Canada and the United States?
Our service will only work if the inmate is in a Provincial and most Federal Correctional Facility or Detention Centres within Ontario. The service is available to you if you live anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Will your service work with my existing phone?
If you have a cellular or VoIP phone, you have probably been missing many calls from your loved one. Our service will work with all home phones, celllular and VoIP phones.

How does this work?
We will provide you a new number for your loved one to call you. When your loved one calls you using this new number, you will be asked to accept the collect call and you will be speaking to him as usual. It's that simple.   All collect call fees get billed to us, we in turn bill you every 15 days or less for those calls.

Can I forward the call to another phone so that I can be reached anywhere?
Please contact your phone provider for assistance on how to enable call forwarding from your phone and if there are any pay per use or monthly costs associated to using this feature. All usage and long distance costs for this feature is billed and managed by your phone provider and not Inside Phone. Here are a several flexibility options to consider: You can forward all your home phone calls to another phone or cellular phone to accept the call. Please note that your cellular plan minutes are separate and applicable. If you forward your phone to another phone or cellular outside your calling area, long distance charges will apply and be billed by your current home phone and cellular phone provider as if the call was answered in your distant location. Even though you will accept the collect charges on another phone, all charges are tagged to the number we provided to you. All charges related to forwarding your home phone to another location to accept the call is the responsibility of the user.

Can I connect my loved one to someone else after speaking to them?
If you try to conference another person on the call, the phone system at the facility may disconnect the call. An automated message will state that three way calls are not allowed and that the call is being disconnected.  You will still be required to pay the $1.50 call fee even if the call is terminated early as we get charged from Bell regardless of the length of the call or reason of termination.

Why do I get the operator telling me three way calling is not allowed?
The phone provider at the facility does not allow three way calling and is using a sensitive technology that may cause the line to think you are trying to perform a three way call. As a result, the call is disconnected. Here are some of the situations reported to us that may cause the line to be disconnected by the phone provider. Picking up another land line in the same house Having loud background noise Putting the call from the inmate on hold Answering your Call Waiting call Apartments that require someone downstairs to ring them in to get in while on the phone. No refunds of the $1.50 call fee will be issued since this issue is not within our control.

How do I report a phone line issue?
Our technology is state of the art and we have invested heavily into our networks to ensure that your calls are not interrupted. But if you experience any issues with our line, please contact us at or call us toll free at 1-855-246-7433 to report a problem with the telephone line.Please provide the following details: The full name on the account. The best number to contact you. Details explaining the phone problem. When did it begin? Does it happen on every call or is it intermittent?

My phone line is not working, he/she is trying to call but it doesn't ring on my phone, why?
If you have an unpaid amount and have not honored arrangements to pay it, the service may have been temporarily suspended but only after all attempts by the billing department to contact you have been exhausted. The service may be completly terminated if after suspending the account you still have not contacted our office to work out an arrangement. It's the last thing we want to do is affect the communication with your loved one, we'd rather do whatever is possible to help you with a financial schedule that's reasonable for everyone. So please call us. If you don't have an unpaid amount, please call us immediately so that we can investigate and resolve the matter quickly.

I have paid but I don't have the service yet?
We thank you for your business. It usually takes us only a few minutes to get you setup but depending on the institution, it can take a bit longer to set up your new number. We will contact you as soon as the number is active. We provide you with the number to give to your loved one to call you.

Will I receive a bill in advance?
Your unlimited bill is due the same day of each month and will begin on the day you start our service. Every 15 days you will receive a bill for your collect call fee portion which is $1.50 per call, a fee we can't avoid as it's charged by the institution. For your records, an e-mail will be sent to you each month confirming the transaction was successful.

What if I want to talk a lot to my loved one?
Our plan is unlimited - talk as little or as much as you'd like, just keep in mind that there is a collect call fee of $1.50 per call which you'll still need to budget for.

How do I cancel my service?
Simply tell us when your loved one no longer requires the service and we will stop the service at that time.

I'm having difficulty paying my bill, what can I do?
Call us, we want to help you as best we can to determine a schedule that works best. We are a family business, we know what it's like to face unexpected difficulties, just remember to talk with us.

My account is past due, what happens next?
We are doing all we can to keep our costs down and to collect for services we've provided so that everyone gets the best possible low price. If your account is past due and we've tried all we can to communicate with you such as e-mail and phone but all these have failed to resolve the matter, or if you've made arrangements that have not materialized, we may without any further notice suspend or terminate the service and refer any outstanding amounts to collections or smail claims. We do all we can to avoid this from happening as we know how important it is to remain in communication with your loved one.

When can I get my 30 days FREE?
You can apply your Loyalty amount to your last month of service. You must inform us 30 days in advance of your last month in order for us to apply your Loyalty amount. Your account must of stayed in good standing, any suspensions will reduce your Loyalty amount as well if we're not given 30 days notice, this will also impact your Loyalty amount.

Can I get the equivalent cash for my Loyalty amount?
No, this is NOT a cash program, while you can apply the Loyalty amount and get up to 30 days FREE, it does not have any cash surrender value, it can only be applied to your accounts final months balance. If the Loyalty amount is higher than your account balance, the remaining Loyalty amount on your account cannot be given as cash or transferred to another clients account.

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