We're real people, just like you. We once had a family member who was incarcerated in Montreal, we found ourselves paying huge amounts of money just to talk to our loved one. We didn't know where to turn, we called our phone provider and all they could offer us was long distance packages, but that was for out going calls from our home and since the calls were coming from Jail, they were incoming collect calls, so that was not useful.

We started to look around and quickly discovered companies were offering packages by the minute, that was way too expensive. Still others provided monthly plans but required a great deal of up front money, money we didn't have. So we decided to start Insidephone with the simple principle that every call is important to someone inside, they live for their chance to talk with their loved ones.

So we took the risky step of trying to help folks who struggle with their money to keep calling. We listen, we do what we can to keep calls coming. Come, call us and see the difference caring makes, one call at a time.

How We're Different

Many folks ask us how we're different than other providers since we all offer basically the same services.   Check how we're different:

We Listen

If you have a problem paying - call us - we want to help you keep those calls going.  Because we care, we can offer various partial payment options until things improve for you.

5% Rebates

We offer 5% rebates on every dollar you spend with us to be applied to your last invoice.  While we don't offer free calls on your birthday, this 5% can add up and give you a month of services and calls for free.

Our App

We believe in transparency and convienence.  We have an app that quickly allows you to make payments, see your bill, view your call history.  No surprises.

One Plan

We offer one plan, not multiple plans, no fine print.  Unlimited talk time, nothing per minute!  It's that simple.  Start saving by choosing a plan today!

Call Trends

We send e-mails helping to inform you of your call trends and what you can expect your next bill to cost.   This is based on how many calls you've been making.  This way, you can plan and keep costs under control.


Each invoice we send to you, provides a comparison of what our services cost versus the cost of Rogers or Bell.  You can clearly see the savings by using Inside Phone.

Live Chat

We want to be there when you have questions.  We offer live chat services so that you can reach us when it's convienent for you.  Give it a try to see the difference.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us.  We don't record or listen to your calls, nor do we provide information about your account to 3rd parties. Your privacy is assured. 

Provincial Monthly

$ 59.95 per month + Taxes
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • + $1.50 Per Call Received
  • + Taxes

Provincial 2 Weeks

$ 39.95 Every 2 weeks + Taxes
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • + $1.50 Per Call Received
  • + Taxes

Federal Monthly

$ 30.00 per month + Taxes
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • No Collect Call Fees
  • + Taxes

How Much Are You Paying?

Because technology does not permit cell phones to be charged for collect calls, most folks don't realize how much it really costs to get collect calls directly on your landline. Many of the thousands of customers who call us, tell of horror stories about how much they pay today.


Typical Rogers/Bell

The typical Rogers or Bell type customer will pay $1.50 for each call they accept plus $1.00 per minute or more. This means the average cost per call is over $24.00. For just 1 call a day, your monthly bill could exceed $720. WIth this type of service and per minute services, you end up with 'Talk Anxiety' where you fear talking with your loved one because of what the bill might cost.  If you didn't know that, then call us right away!


Inside Phone

For our services, you'd pay just $59.95 + (1.50 * 30) = $105 a month plus taxes - a wopping 7 times savings per month, every month. Call us to learn more


Provincial Monthly Plan

$59.95 a month gives you unlimited talk time. You only pay the industry standard $1.50 for each call you accept, so you end up controlling your costs.

To get started, we only ask for the $59.95 plus tax - that's it.


Provincial 2 Week Plan

$39.95 every two weeks gives you unlimited talk time. You only pay the industry standard $1.50 for each call you accept, so you end up controlling your costs.

To get started, we only ask for the $39.95 plus tax - that's it.


Federal Monthly Plan

$30.00 a month gives you unlimited talk time with no collect call fees, no costs per minute, no extra fee's at all.

To get started, we only ask for the $30.00 plus tax - that's it.

All Our Plans Include:

1) 5% accumulated credit towards your final bill for being a loyal customer. All that is needed is that you keep your account in good standing.  No competitor offers this.  Many offer free calls on your birthday or statutory holidays, but that represents very little savings overall.  But we instead offer you 5%, that's real savings!

2) Call history accessed 24/7 using the app or online.  No competitor has an app, we do because we know how mobile you are.

3) Account billed every 15 days for actual calls made (Provincial Plans Only).   No competitor offers this.  We don't ask for prepayments, we bill you after 15 days or if your call volumn is high, then you'll be billed more often.

4) If you have a problem making a payment, you can call us and we'll do our best to keep your calls coming, we know how important calls are to both of you.  This is something that our competitors don't offer - we're not machines, neither are you.  We're here to listen and to help if possible.

What Our Customers Say

Helen, Toronto

“It’s so great that you guys have an app, I’m often on the road and hate using my small browser to figure things out, very personal, thanks.”

Chantal, London

“Can’t thank you enough. I lost my wallet with my bank card so couldn’t send a payment but you guys kept my line open so that my son wasn’t affected..”

Anne, Montreal

“You are angels - I don't know what I would have done without this service. My phone supplier had plans that said were cheap but they never worked - the calls with my son were incredibly expensive, we even thought we'd have to tell him to stop calling us as often. But since we started using this service, we speak with our son on a regular basis, as often as he wants to call. Bless you folks.”

Betty, Newfoundland

“I could only talk to my husband once a week - we couldn't afford anymore than that - we felt so disconnected. Thanks to you, we talk each and everyday. Makes being apart so much easier for the two of us.”

Eric, Cornwall

“I found myself in OCDC, everyone was paying a fortune to make calls, a fortune that my family didn't have. Nobody could offer any suggestions until I was told about you guys - my family thought it was too good to be true, so did I but it's real - my family saved thousands!”

Andrea, Ottawa

“I speak with a woman when I call, let me say how fantastic she is to deal with. I was not able to make it to the bank because of my health, she let me take a few days to pay while I kept talking with my son, thank you.”

Ready to get started or have a question?

Let’s Get in Touch

Whatever types of questions you'll have, feel free to get in touch with us!


*We dont share your personal info with anyone. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

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